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Default A useful Engine Modification

Ash, I wasn't suggesting there was a 'problem' per se, at least not with your engine, but possibly with a gauge. I did however assume you were getting the engine nice and hot because you said'

"In the midst of this wonderful English Summer it runs at
80 degrees except on long steep hills when it climbs to 85 degrees and
oil temperature never rises above 50 degrees."

With the Astons, I found it was more the length of time it had been
driven that forced the oil temp up, rather than speed. In fact high
speed often made the oil and water temp go down because of the airflow,
I did also have an overdrive on the DB4 and a 5 speed ZF box on the DB6
which helped keep revs down. I find the worst things for any car is
sitting in traffic. Although none of my Astons every overheated even
sitting in traffic on 'hot' days here in Melbourne (34-40 degrees). My
Bristol 411 was always a bit borderline here, until I stuck an air con
condenser in front of the rad, which really pushed it over the edge!

Anyway, it doesn't matter, I just didn't want people to get the idea
that they should expect a 35 degree temp differential on a hot engine.

I wonder what the 'optimum' temp is for engine oil ...
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