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Default Cost Effective 2.5l "bristol" Engine


maybe I did not express my self clearly , but what is the point of a 2.5 -
3 litre TR block with a very expensive oversize copy of a Bristol head that
will not fit in a Bristol chassis with major surgery , removing the gearbox
X member and cutting the firewall & floors , new engine mounting brackets
etc .
The cost of all that would be greater than buying a 2 litre engine from one
of the many wrecker / specialists . If you went the TR special head route
you would only end up having re engined special that would be worth far less
than one fitted with the correct Bristol six.

The others that imagine they can make a 2 litre Bristol into 2.5 - 3
litre (and retain the same external dimensions) had better get their
measuring tools out and have a good look at a 2 litre six's bore spacings ,
centre main sizes , crank , head design etc .

I believe Bob Gerard in the late 50's removed the liners from a 2 litre
block and ran special pistons straight in the block , giving about 2.3
litre . He used this engine in his rear engined Cooper Bristol with 6 port
head running on methanol and reportedly produced about 190 - 200 bhp . Ivan
Glasby in Sydney has this Cooper and engine but is now back to 2 litre , I
doubt that Gerard could make it reliable.


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