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Default Cost Effective 2.5l "bristol" Engine

Why dont you just fit a TR engine , saves the cost of the expensive alloy
head, just don't open the bonnet at the Annual Concourse.

Who will spend big money fitting a replica 2 litre engine to a Bristol
saloon , I'd say no one . There are plenty of good used ones around from
cars that have been wrecked.
Only AC , Frazer Nash and Cooper owners might spend big money on a engine ,
but they are more likely to buy another tatty 405 and sent it to its
grave for just a few engine parts that they will probably never use.
Original blocks are always repairable , new cranks & other moving parts are
available , original heads can be repaired . I think this forum talk about
new replica engines will lead no where, but good luck anyway.
When I got the Bristol bug about 35 years ago the BOCA members said it was
impossible to get a 100 series engine , let alone a 100D engine . Within a
few years I had 2 D engines and a 100A fitted in a Ace , Aceca and my 400 ,
then later a 100A for a engineless 404 .
The same still applies , if you want one it's only a matter of looking , now
it's so much easier with a computer & Forums like this.
Save the planet and use existing parts.
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