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.I think for this exercise and in respect of the survey you are probably right most will probably want to stick to the basic original specification but if Bristol themselves are going down the route of a 2.5 engine it has to be worth considering as an option.
Otherwise as long as its based on one of the 100 series engines and does not cost an arm and a leg I am seriously interested in what develops out of all this.
The BMW meanderings especially the V8 were based more on past than present thoughts.

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If you are going to vary the capacity and design of the new engine you should probably look at incorporating this into any survey of the potential market, because purists may be put off by something which moves too far away from the original.

Kevin H


The last time I looked at Bristol Cars website in the section covering upgrades there was mention of a. 2.5 liter engine, I assumed that this was a conversion of the existing engine but when I was speaking to Peter Jaye about his new cylinder heads he told me this was going to be based on. new block castings. made or about to be made by IN Racing and that his heads would fit this block.
Bristol Cars obviously think these problems can be overcome quite probably with the other additional new parts you outline, but I would certainly be interested in the larger engine option if it were available.
Another thought but what about a project based on the Larger BMW engine that the Aldingtons wanted Bristol to use instead of the 328 unit, that must have been designed to fit the same type of chassis layout as the smaller unit, same probably goes for the post war BMW V8 though that may be even shorter supply than the Bristol unit.

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