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I have been following this thread with interest and would like to add an observation regarding engine capacity.The cylinder head at present when as standard has a certain intake port capacity/volume usually described in cubic centimeters( CCs)and has an ability to flow so many cubic feet per minute(CFM) All very basic stuff that applies to any engine.So if a new block was manufactured with a little more room/clearence for a longer throw on the crankshaft,or larger diameter cylinder liners , or both, then extra capacity maybe up to or even more than 3 litres would be possible.
Now the cylinder head with its siamesed inlet tracts will need to be able to flow more CFM to feed the extra capacity therefore the new head will need a slight redeseign to allow it to breathe better, all this = more hp.
With some careful research its possible that con rods could be sourced from another engine,as Brabham did many years ago on their Repco FI engines,if memory serves me right those con rods were standard Daimler Dart 2.5 V8 items.Pistons are not an issue as custom pistons are available from numerous manufacturers and relatively cheap.The crankshaft could be sourced from many countrys nowadays. I look forward to others views . Tom
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