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Default Bristol405 Oil and Water temps

When I rebuilt my 405 some years ago, knowing that I was going to do some continental touring - in particular the Liege - Rome Rally at the height of the Italian summer, I fitted one of Brian May's thermostatically controlled oil cooling systems, and fitted the largest Kenlowe fan I could, still retaining the mechanical fan. I'm glad I did, because temperatures weren't a concern even during really high ambients. The exception was the ascent of the Stelvio pass, where a combination of a fully loaded car, high revs, and, paticularly, low forward speed rendered the oil cooler relatively ineffective and a temp of 120 plus. Water temp went up in concert to about 110 indicated - but it didn't boil. No temp problems on subsequent continental tours. Now, on motorway cruising at 70(ish) the oil temp sits at 70 -85, with water temp 80-90. But I have a rather 'hot' thermostat fitted.

Brian Kidd
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