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Originally Posted by Geoff Dowdle View Post
TT Workshops are offering brand new reproduction 100D2 engines for
GBP40,000 delivery 12 months from order.

But there must be market if they're offering them, but still !!!

Originally Posted by Geoff Kingston View Post
I was thinking along similar lines and had preliminary discussions...This puts into perspective the 7500 being currently quoted by someone who has taken the plunge and is producing small batches of new heads.

Exactly mate. I think you've nailed it on the head. There seems to be a large reservoir of people who need engines, and would ideally like to stay as original as possible, but its so cost prohibitive.

Lets be real,we are in the middle of a major recession, people losing their jobs, pensions being decimated etc etc. Its hard then to justify a big outlay of money for an engine, and that outlay then evaporates. In the real world, it cant be justified.

The alternative is not exactly fantastic. Go for a more modern engine and gearbox, costing a fraction of the price, but losing some of the authenticity.

But trying to find someone who will install a modern combo and do it effectively and properly, is not easy, as i'm finding.

If i do go down the more modern route, i may try and record all the technical specs, and what was done and how, and post this information, so that other owners can if they want, go down the same route, knowing that it works, hopefully at a sensible cost, thereby making more of the older cars viable to restore etc.


Originally Posted by technicaltom View Post
The "modular" head im visualising could even have the option of OHC.
I best stop now as i may be branded a heretic..
Burn the witch..Burn the witch

Just joking. An interesting idea, and one i can keep in mind, and can mention to the pattern maker.

Originally Posted by Geoff Kingston View Post
That's nearly twice the price of a Melling V12 which might fit in the engine compartment of a 403, but how would you make it stop?
Nice one Geoff, i'd never heard of Melling, and after looking him up, very impressive bloke.
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