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I am a recovering Clyde`s 406 to my own house tomorrow. Alpine Eagle have re-engineered the engine bay ready for the four-cylinder Volvo motor and gearbox to be dropped in. Given the unavailability of the original engine and its expense, this certainly begins to make sense. Further, the reason Bristol abandoned the long serving in line 6 was that it was no longer powerful enough. (Incidentally, there is some very useful stuff about the Star/ Sapphire engine project and the attempts to make a new motor in Christopher Balfour's new book.) These Volvo motors are so readily available. Clyde got his out of a scrapper for very little. They are hugely tough and reliable and turbocharging gives the power boost that is needed. Add to that the fact that you can keep the weight distribution unaffected and Clyde`s project makes a great deal of sense. I can prepare some photos of the engine bay if there is interest. Peter
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