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Originally Posted by Nick Challacombe View Post
That's the trouble with this method of reply. I was not saying that you
threw your toys out of the pram far from it Ozy.
I was commenting on Andrews thoughts that he did not want to contribute to
this forum, so I asked why he was.
After all he has added nothing constructive to the thread only destructive!

67, I am opening a bottle of red now and hoping for 69!:-)

Hi NIck,

Yes, I see what you mean these replies can get a little confusing. I cannot understand why Andrew would not want to contribute - he's from Manchester and I'll bet he wouldn't have much success with reasoned debate on a Saturday night on Deansgate or Quay Street - oh no. Not heard much from him for a few hours unfortunately. I do hope he doesn't think I'm an unspeakable beast now.

We all need to have a little fun and lighten up sometimes and stop being so PC.

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