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Originally Posted by PaulS View Post
Ozy, loving the thread, great comebacks Will add another tuppence to help get to 100 postings... I've always loved the British sense of humour, seems to me that it's going the way of the slam door train...and that's a real shame...obviously the PC police are having their way in the UK and unfortunately the same occurring here in th US.

BTW, the Colonel Saunders crack was genius! Keep em coming...

PaulS (the one with the 411 and not the one that has nothing to do with a 411)

I am so glad someone appreciates me here. You know no-one had a pop at Claude when he wuffled on about derivative reality so I thought I would get into the metaphysical ordure line with my digital citizen statement. You can't win them all I suppose. I think I should have quoted Socrates but there again, I prefer Cicero - "In times of war the law grows silent."

I am chuffed to hear that a 411S2 is in Texas, you really must tell me the tale of how you came by it by PM.

I'm glad you like the Colonel quip - I don't eat that stuff myself but I have heard that some people in Kentucky go get the KFC Obama bargain bucket - I've heard its a bargain because its full of left wings & assholes apparently.

Speak soon,

Wuv you as well,