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Originally Posted by GREG View Post
It's the language Police again !

If you really believe that the ability to form a sentence correctly gives you superior intellect and a right to look down on people , you really have been over doing the weed in Holland for far too long.

Surely it's about communication and not a spelling test !

But of course, you are allowed to offend.
Thanks for that Greg,

This sort of thing always makes me smile. Friends and colleagues often lambast we Bristol owners and collectively brand us as being so clueless that we would only use an ex Army officer to pump up our tyres and put oil in our engines and even more clueless that they need a general factotum with a car barn to sell their cars for them. Being above or incapable of such mundane tasks however, they are more than able to criticise the slightest punctuation or grammetrical error in a forum posting.

The pen is indeed mightier than the sword!!!!!!!!!