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Originally Posted by rubbond View Post
Dear Ozy,
If I may, I think you might have meant "I wondered who had bought".... not
As a fellow Yorkshireman, maybe it is time to quieten down a bit?
With best regards,

I cannot apologise for something where I do not believe an apology is necessary - that would be dishonest and insincere. There again, should Colonel Saunders apologise for his appalling treatment of Gordon's presentation thern I may be convinced to follow suit.

Greg and Hal are right - take the commentry, barbed where necessary for what it is - banter and not personal slight.

Thank you for your correction of my didatic and poory structured prose and grammar, unfortunately having left school at 12 to go down t'pit, then go around the world with beastly sailors who(m) taught me bad words and then to drive a bin lorry for 26 years I haven't had much of an education and I'm sure that shows through occasionally.

Let's see if this thread peters out and if so then I'll go quiet for another couple of years - bit I am hopeful of achieving that magic 100 posting....

Wuv you,