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Default Wanted - Owners Views for University Design Project

Can we be clear here, there are TWO Pauls on this thread, Paul/Lansdown Place which is me and another Paul. I haven't read the report and only commented on the inaccuracy of a posting, which doesn't qualify me as a 'numpty'.

There are posts of the Farago report, this was based on a 10/12 year old car which had been 'custom' rebuilt by some backstreet garage and then left to rot in the rain. I can't imagine many manufacturers coming out well based on a review of an abused car which had been restored under the arches somewhere. A subsequent owner of the car had BCL sort it out and was delighted with it. I suspect that Mr Crook got up his nose a bit as well.

On panel gaps etc, the current assembly/design techniques for cars allow for a level of product precision that exceeds aircraft standards. Of course the develpment costs mean you have to produce tens of thousands of cars to break even, unless you Bugatti in which case you can absorb a four million pound loss on each car. The panel gaps on the Blenheim 4 are the equal of any production car, all done on an english wheel.

Paul (nothing to do with a 411!)