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Originally Posted by PaulS View Post
Good ones Ozy...been enjoying the back and forth between you and Mr. Sanctimonious....

I once met a Kentuckian wearing one shoe so I asked if he had lost a shoe....he said "no, I found one"...
Hey Paul,

Good one, but in the words of Frank Carson, there's more, I hope yopu like this one as much as Mr Sanctimonious will............................................

Two Kentuckians are driving along a highway in a red Bristol 603 when they see a sheep with its head stuck in a fence. The first one says, “Heyyy, here’s our chance to have some fun!” The driver says what, are we going to have an ‘ad hominem’ then pulls over and they get out of the Bristol 603 and go over to the sheep. Sure enough it’s head is stuck firmly in place and there is no escape.

The driver says, “Now I see….. I’m gonna have me a little piece of that…” he then dropped his pants, removed his flat cap and began “servicing” the sheep from behind. When he was done, he looked at the second one and said, “Okay, I’ve had my fun ‘ad nauseum’ it’s your turn now.” The second one gave the driver a smile and said,, “Whoooohoo, I’ve always dreamed of this!” He then dropped his pants and stuck his head in the fence next to the sheep and said, “Go ahead, and take your time!”

Ha ha ha - its a cracker,

Chucklefully yours and hoping my good friend Lukehansen's giggle button is also piqued,