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Default Has The Kentuckian Gone Chicken.....?

Come on and be a friendly old boy and send me a post, the suspense is killing me. To while away the hours here are a couple of my favourite Kentucky jokes that I am sure you will be able to identify with................

Two Kentuckians came over to Indiana to buy a Bristol 603, but they only had a limited budget. They looked all over, and finally came upon a car lot with a Bristol 404 and a broken down old camel for sale. They asked the salesman if they could take the camel on a test drive, and he said “Sure.”
After being gone for a very long period of time, the salesman got worried that they were not coming back, so he called the police. Just as soon as he hung up the phone, the two Kentuckians showed up, but without the camel. He asked what happened to the camel, and said the story better be good. The two Kentuckians replied, "We were going along down the street just fine, and came upon a stop light, so we did. Then a carload of Hoosiers pulled up beside us and one said, "Look at those 2 butt holes on that camel". So when we got off the camel to take a look, the camel ran away"

A Kentuckian goes to his neighbor's shack and finds him printing counterfeit money in the basement.
“Whatchya doin'?”
“Printin' funny money.”
“But look here, you idjit, these is $19 bills!”
“Yeah, so I was fixin' to go spend 'em up in Indiana. I figger they won't know the difference.”
So the two go across the border in a Bristol 603 and they decide to go to a filling station and buy $5 worth of gas, to see if they can use their $19 bills.
They get their gas, the counterfeiter goes inside to pay and comes back to the car.
His buddy the 603 owner sez: “Did it work? Did they take the bill?”
“They sure did! They even gave me the right change--an eight and two threes!”