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Originally Posted by browning l View Post
Sir, please see my response to Lansdownplace.

In your ad hominem questioning of me, bolded above, maybe you can tell me what my, or anyone else's, past efforts have to do with the author's efforts?
Well, well, quite a lot of work went into that 71 page presentation and its pity some smug ex salesman has decided to look down his nose and savage it.

As for Lansdownplace's subtle rebuke against your original snide commentry, well, I am not so subtle! I ask you - 'ad hominem' ...................... words fail me................ why not stop playing the 'four fingered pink oboe player' and defend your argument rather than attempting to scorn Lansdownplace with such a quaint facile device as 'ad hominem'

As a response to my posting, I look forward to a huff of sanctimonious outrage from you in due course.

Disgustedly yours.