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I agree

The E Type I had a drive in was probably a bit tired. Most of all, it had been a dream car for so long that I think my expectations were unreasonably high. I still think that most people would be surprised by how unrefined they are that haven't driven one whereas the expectations for an early V8 Bristol is probably much lower resulting in a pleasant surprise.

It is hard to think of any big saloon that commands much higher prices - Maybe a Citroen, but I would have thought that Bristols are more scarce than the others and that would push the price up.

It's funny how taste differs. When I was looking to buy a Bristol I knew the 411 was more refined to live with but thought they were pug ugly compared to the 408 especially after S2 when they started to head towards 412 looks - boxy.

The look has grown on me since but if I was going to have a car with the 411 S6 treatment it would be in the 408 body.

Good job we are all different.