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Default Newbie - Considering fulfilling a long ambition

I have been keen to own a Bristol for quite a few years, I've read all the books and now intend to go ahead and buy one. I am used to handbuilt cars and their foibles having owned a number of other hand-built cars, I currently have a Morgan AeroMax, as well as another Morgan and some tin-tops.

It has been interesting reading the various threads on this site, even if it surprised me to read some of the more ascerbic comments, I always thought that Bristol-folk would be total gentlemen/gentlewomen! Luckily, this seems to be the exception rather than the rule and it really is a super site.

Anyway, I think the way to go for me is to buy a second-hand Blenheim but I am really open to any advice re model's and who to buy from. I intend going up to the showroom when I am back in the UK, are there any other marque specialists that I should speak to?

I hope that I've not been controversial, as that is not my intention rather I am really just after some marque advice.


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