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There was no intention to offend anyone - I'm sorry that you have taken my posting so badly. I was trying to be helpful to Gordon who may not have known of the existence of the other forums. If the Bristolinfo forum is indeed relatively as large as the other two forums then I am happy to stand corrected. The mention of Australia was, of course, incidental and only to identify this forum as opposed to the UK based forums - no harm in that and nothing else implied. If anyone inferred a ' put down ' please be assured that none was intended.
Dave Dale.

Originally Posted by Kevin Howard View Post
I'm not sure why Dave feels the need to put down this site, nevertheless I think reality check is required.

The fact that this site is run from Australia is completely irrelevant, evidenced by the fact that the vast majority of members are in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA. On the internet there are no geographical boundaries.

Small? - I don't really know how you can say 315 members joining in the first 12 months is "small", particularly when it comes to Bristol enthusiasts. The BOC itself only has about 800 members, of which about 5%-10% are actively involved in their two forums.

As for the BOC forums Dave mentions, I'll leave you to be the judge of the value of the content on the different sites.

Try posting the images of your designs on the official BOC forums