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Thank you for your idea about direct responses, Lou.

Here is the questionnaire
Just a little information: It is perfectly acceptable for you to be honest and to-the-point; there are no "right" answers. The answers to some questions may overlap, but itís okay to put the same/similar answers twice, or refer to one answer in the response to another question. I leave the amount you would like to write for each question up to your discretion.

1. Which Bristol car(s) do you own? (please list Bristol cars you previously owned where applicable)

2. Do you own another car that you use more than your Bristol: a primary vehicle ?
Yes / No

3. In which year did you acquire your first Bristol car?

4. How did you first become aware of Bristol Cars?

5. What attracted you to the company when choosing to buy the car?

6. What were the criteria used in deciding to buy the specific Bristol(s) you have owned?

7. What do you believe that Bristol, as a company, stands for?

8. Is there anything that you consider to be unique about Bristol?

9. What values of Bristol do you particularly like?

10. Has your opinion of Bristol cars changed (for better or worse) over time, either due to your experience, or a change in the brand itself?

11. Is there anything you think that I should know when designing a Bristol car?

If responses could be sent to my alternate email, that would be greatly appreciated

Thank you for everyone that has been commenting so far!