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Thank you for your reply Alan!

I have actually already got hold of a copy of Setright's "Bristol Cars & Engines" from 1974, but I will get hold of a copy of "Long Lane With Turnings" as well.

I appreciate that there is a lot of car-specific information and so i was looking to investigate what each car has progressively said about Bristol Cars as a company, how this has changed, and if there are common themes which i need to be mindful of in designing a new model. Is there a "true Bristol" ethos that the company has deviated from? Revolutionary quality and "ahead-of-its-time" factor are examples of the criterions i am attempting to accumulate. I am sure that Setright's book will help with this. but talking to current owners I think will help also. Information on specific user experience in buying their first car and hearing about the brand, be this 48 years ago or 2, is of really great use to me, but i will be sure to put each experience in the context of time.

Would it be okay for me to ask you to answer a questionnaire?

Thank you very much