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Default 6 cylinder head repair

As you know I rate the '46-'55 R-R&B as the company's second and last
best in the world, coachbuilt efforts excluded as they are too
maintenance intensive . Most people never realise this because the
cars are rarely properly maintained and end up being vile to ride and
drive in, but when they are right, they are utterly superb and one of
the most underrated of all classic cars. I'm looking at two as I write

The Petersen cars are amazing and the detail work incredible, but I
don't understand why anyone would want a mixture of forties and
sixties technology bundled up as a vintage replica.

I apologise for straying away from Bristol and wait for the iron fist
of our moderator to descend. However if he leaves this link, you can
visit the manufacturers website.

Does anyone know if the spring rating is different between the 400 and
the much heavier 406. I ask because a chum is rebuilding a 406 front
end for his 400.

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