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Default Bentley & R-R Specials

Now this has nothing to do with Bristols, but of late I do see lots of
comments about Mark VI Bentleys?
I've looked at a few of these on the internet and they are indeed lovely
looking cars and probably undervalued. Are they all steel bodied?
But now the reason for this mailing.
This afternoon, on the way back from a visit to a client in the north of
Holland, I came across a 1929 Peterson (or was that maybe Petersen?)
It was of such an outrageous design, I wondered if it could possibly be
It reminded me of a Duisenberg (maybe that is with a "z"?), where I remember
you could hardly look over the bonnet, so high..
Is this a genuine car? You would certainly look the the bee's knees in it if
you could afford it, unless it were built last year.
Asking price was just less than the price of a good detatched house here in
Holland. (EUR 450,000) so I won't be buying it (this year).
But check it out! (As they say).
Seller was The Gallery, in Brummen, The Netherlands. Know nothing about
Can it be genuine? I know nothing about rare Bentleys.
Certainly has the Wow factor.
All the chrome by the way was in Nickel Silver. Now is that such a good
choice? Our bathroom taps are a mess now after 5 years! But of course we use
I think chrome would be a much stronger and cheaper option (also due to the
thicker plate), but Nickel Silver is certainly more beautiful!
Cést la vie!
The Bentley was certainly unusual, but I still think we will stay living in
this house, and be looking for a good Bristol that want's a good home.!
With best regards,
Andrew Knox.

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