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Default Partial Restoration

Originally Posted by IXXI View Post

following the link you can find some 120 pictures on a 407 "partial" Restoration.

I found many of these pictures of interest and clearly much expensive work was being done to the car. Perhaps it is a cultural difference about partial restoration that one is looking at, but this interesting series of photographs did raise quite a few questions in my mind and I wondered what other thought?

For example, the cylinder bores seemed to have light vertical scoring and were not 'glaze-busted' before refitting the pistons and were the original valves re-used? The pistons appeared to be new (or re-machined), but was the crank and bottom end left in place — I could not find any pictures of this. No pictures of any work to the gearbox, but was it mere curiosity that had caused the differential to be opened up?

Curious that the screen was left in place and that the rear was prepared with the bumper in place and then it was removed afterwards.

It would be really interesting if the owner were to provide a 'Kevin-like' description of the work that also covered explanations of things like the fatigued suspension part (what was the rest of it like?).

To my eyes and as far as one could tell from photographs, it looked as if the car had led a pretty easy life, but as suggested in the posting, had not benefitted from the level of servicing that it might have enjoyed.

Perhaps we in the UK might see it at a Bristol event in the near future.

Thanks for posting this comprehensive series as it is always interesting to see such work being undertaken.

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