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Default Type 411 s4

Hi all

I was wondering whether i could get some peoples help in restoring my 1974 411s4. The car has only done 8400kms since new.

It's been sitting in my garage for the past 5 years when i decided it was about time to do something to it. Had it towed to the mechanics and just got it back today. A few things were pointed out. Apparently there is some sort of suspension pump or hydraulic missing and the mechanics thinks it was used to raise or lower the car when needed. Can anyone confirm this in the 411 and if so where could i get one in Australia?

The car seems to run pretty well but i think the suspension has sunk as the tyres occasionally scrape the body when turning so need to look into that more although it could be the tyres are too big as they were changed about 5 or so years ago. Anyone know the right size of tyre for this car?

Also he mentioned that the window washer mechanism, windscreen spray jet, heater mechanism for warm air in the car and all the window rubber seals needs replacing. Any ideas of where i can purchase these?

Also need a few other little things like the small leather pull handle for the glove box and also a new side mirror. Did the original car have any side mirrors because i've seen pictures of the 411 and many with different side mirrors?

I will post pics of the car and keep you up to date with the progress of the restoration. I will be bringing the car to the panel beaters and upholsterers in the next week to get a brand new paint job and a restored interior.

Thanks everyone for your help in advance. As you can probably tell i dont really know a whole lot but have been scouring the internet for as much information as possible.

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