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Thanks everyone for your thoughts.

Just to reiterate, currently my 410 will start in Park, Neutral and unfortunately Drive but not in 1st, 2nd or Reverse.

I donít believe I have any worn parts as my automatic transmission and torque converter were fully overhauled last year by a specialist company and overseen by a Bristol Specialist, the latter whom incidentally, I have the highest regard for.

Yesterday when I was trying to trace the source of my problem, I disconnected the wire between the starter relay and transmission gear box and tried to start the car in each position of the shift lever. On turning the ignition key I heard the clicking sound, as expected in each position.

Currently, I believe the problem lies in the linkages. I will contact the Bristol specialist on Tuesday; I am sure they will have come across this problem before and point me in the right direction.

I agree with all, that itís not an ideal situation and needs to be resolved asap.

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