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Default 411 S4

7700386 was despatched on 11 March 1974 so will be celebrating a half century in less than a fortnight. I make the car to be the 21st Series 4 in terms of chassis number (with another 47 odd cars until the Series 5 started).

Strangely DVLA record three Bristol cars - VMD 96, 97 and 99 M but for some reason not 98 M. The car was originally despatched with an electric sunroof - does that remain hidden under the black vinyl perchance

In October 1974, responsibility for issuing registrations was transferred from local and regional authorities to specialist Local Vehicle Licensing Offices (LVLOs) or Vehicle Registration Offices (VROs) run by the DVLA.
Whilst MD became Manchester in late 1974, it belonged to London North East originally and then Greater London. Thus these 4 Bristol cars were most likely registered in London in March (96 and 97) or April (99).

BOC 411 Registrar

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