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The car is still listed on the DVLA website, under its registration number KYU791
The last V5C was issued by the DVLA on June 1st 2010. As you know, that in itself doesnít mean a lot as in could be when the current owner acquired the car or he may have moved to a new home but as you said, the colour is noted as Blue.
Doing a quick google last night I found a couple of photos and took screenshots of both but decided not to post them, just in case there was some form of copyright on the photos!
However, the description attached to one of the photos noted it was sold on eBay for £4851.00. At that time it certainly looked a very viable project.
That said, the car was listed on another website:- around September this year, noting itís coming up for auction. The photos on their website indicate it hasnít been treated very well over the last few years.
I hope someone buys the car at a sensible price and manages to restore the car to its former glory. Good luck to the prospective buyer.
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