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Hopefully a few other people will post parts information, this will also give an indication to prospective owners as to what is available (generally speaking anything that is essential to keeping our cars on the road).

The fact that Bristol seem to be doing more restoration work, including the 411 Series VI, bodes well for the supply of parts for the V8 cars, because many of the 411 parts have 407 part numbers and I suspect those that have 411 part numbers can be retrofitted to earlier V8 cars in some cases.

When I feel their parts prices are a bit steep, I only have to think of what Mercedes charge for modern parts to put things into perspective.

Mike you are however right to be wary of the P&P charges. I once bought a single rebound (bump) stop which cost 11.40 and the P&P was 9.50!

On the plus side, the AUD:GBP exchange rate is better for us down under than it has been for a long time

Mike - if we can establish whether the 411 coil springs are the same as the 409, I have the specs for the 411 springs, I had some made in Melbourne.

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