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Brian Marelli once told me that the distance between the bottom of the front crossmember and the road should be about 5 inches. This was for a 411, but I doubt this would be very different for a 409. Of course the tyres you have on the car can make a difference.

My 411 sat a little high and I discovered that someone had fitted longer than original springs, probably to compensate for the disintegration of the "distance piece" PN 407-1-23117 .

If you decide to return your Bristol to it's former glory by fitting new springs and distance pieces, I would also suggest that you fit the spring isolator and retainer which were fitted to the 411, this should extend the life of the distance piece.


Edit/PS: to avoid any confusion these are the parts I am talking about - the top three parts in the picture, the bottom one goes at the bottom of the spring.

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