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Default 409 ride height and front suspension

Still getting familiar with the new 409 and trying to solve a few niggles.
One of these is that the front ed is not on the low side as would seem to be the usual ailment, but relatively high still, having taking the rear up. I believe that a previous owner has fitted some yellow "King' springs. Does anyone have a measurement for the floor to wheel arch for the 409 please?
Suspension give light rattles; have changed a/r bar bushes and cannot feet play at the wheels. There does seem to be a little play in the UJ at the bottom of the column. Anyone changed just the actual UJ as opposed to the whole joint?
Finally, has anyone encountered an oil leak from the park cable as it goes into the housing. I have changed pan gasket, plus housing gasket, but still slight weepage from the cable as it enters the housing.
Many thanks for any help.
Mike Osborne
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