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Yes, all very frustrating !

On that bolt, maybe add some medium-strength loctite and torque it up and then turn a further 20 degrees or something. Should be fine.

Under European (EU) and under USA law, OEM are obliged to either sell special tools or to make the designs for special tools available so they can be made by others. This is 'right to repair' law. I don't know how Australian law stands. If you want to buy the special tool, we should be able to get one here in UK and sell it to you, or get an American friend to find one.

Even though they are obliged under law to make these tools available, most OEMS try very hard not to, and it is only in USA that they don't risk the litigation so the USA is the most likely place to 'easily' find the tools.

If you would like me to try to get one here it would be done through JE Engineering Ltd. so we'd have to set up an account, etc.
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