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Originally Posted by Geoff Kingston View Post
Have a look at this there is a wiring diagram on page 12.

If only Bristol's workshop manuals were as good as that!

I find it astonishing that they left the electric windows off the wiring diagram yet included the wiring for many more simple components.

Mark, as an aside, does your workshop manual have pages 24 and 26 in the electrical section?

Are the window lift switches on the 408 on the doors? Is there a switch for both the passenger and the driver to operate the passenger window?

I ask because if there is both a passenger and driver's door switch for the passenger window, it's likley that the passenger door switch is reliant on the driver's door switch being wired correctly.

In case it is any help here's the wiring diagrams for the 411 - see pages 12 & 13 for electric window wiring. Many things remained the same from one model to the next on Bristols!
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