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The following is based on my 410 and not later models but is probably similar if not the same, other than the position of the anti roll bar.

If the nut shown in your photo is the one I think it is, you will need to dismantle the front framework and take out the grille, radiator etc to make life easy. Presumably you will be replacing the bushes in the upper and lower wishbones. If that is your intention you will need to remove the coil springs first. The lower wishbone has a bolt holding the two halves together where they meet. Once that bolt is removed (and the framework etc noted above). The lower wishbone can be removed by withdrawing each half of the wishbone over the studs in the chassis, after removal of the locking nuts. Obviously you have to dismantle quite a bit of other kit to reach this point beforehand.

The lower ball joint will require a special socket for easy removal; they can be bought or hired from Flying Spares. When the new joint is installed it is necessary that it is torqued up with the necessary shims inserted.

I agree with Andrew 100% about removing the tubular framework; in my opinion to leave it in position, cutting the framework back beyond the bracket, then re-welding it in position later, will result in a botched job! That is exactly what was done to my car prior to my ownership which resulted in me having to correct their poor workmanship.

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