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When I dealt with them it was great when you spoke to them but they were very busy and understaffed.
It may be easier just to get the track rod ends from them or someone else and have the threaded bar made up locally to you.
The cost from them for making up the two small rods with a LH thread one end and a RH one the other (the big one is already like that so nothing to do) and supply new track rod ends for all of them was 180 inc postage and VAT - last year.
From memory I didn't bother with a quote but just packaged them all up and sent them off with a covering letter. They then emailed me a quote which I accepted and it took three weeks for them to return the finished goods which work a treat. The only reason I sent all the rods as I was unsure of which track rod end I needed.
My car was in dock at the time having other work done so time wasn't really an issue.
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