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Just a thought and not trying to send you off on a wild goose chase but I thought I had heat soak issues early on in my ownership of this car but sorting out which vents were open - and what heater controls were doing what has made the problem vanish - I didn't do the work myself but I can ask the fellow that did. The control knobs were swapped over and when it said everything was off - it wasn't!
I've still got a bit too much fresh air on drivers side - but I can live with that.

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How bad? Well, I can live with it as I don't drive it in summers here in Florida (no AC installed) but it's very noticeably a source of heat in the cabin by your legs.

I wondered about maybe cutting some holes in the panels between the engine compartment and the wheel wells but I don't know enough about the aerodynamics of the car to be sure it wouldn't make things worse. Aston Martins of that vintage had louvred panels there.

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