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Default Next 408 exhaust question - tips

My car's non-original 360 engine has a Mopar performance cam so it sounds a bit like a muscle car at idle and low speed. It has dual 2.25" exhausts attached to stock cast iron manifolds. It had glasspacks but I had them replaced with a pair of larger, baffle-type silencers/mufflers. That helped the noise a bit but I am still thinking it's too much like a muscle car for a Bristol. Things I am considering are : adding an H-pipe ahead of the mufflers/silencers or adding a second muffler/silencer aft of the rear axle la later 411. However, before I do either, I had a question about the exhaust tips. Mine are straight out with a slant cut on the end but I see the cars left the factory with downturned tips. Even later 411s had fake straight tips with the actual exhaust exit pointing down (see here

Fitting downturn tips would be cheap and easy - is it going to help sound reduction by directing sound down? If not, what is the purpose of the factory pointing them down?


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