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Originally Posted by hesketh786 View Post

Just been reading up on the cold weld process very interesting and thank you for letting me know about it - no doubt i will need to use it on one of the cars !

That looks fantastic ! how long did it take you and how did you do it ?
with a da sander ?

Good evening Hesketh. I am using a combination of a random orbital sander and hand rubbing down with 120 grit. I have treated any rusty areas with phosphoric acid and rubbed them down again.

I am not counting the hours but it would be more sensible to have the panels dipped. My biggest problem is that just when I need it the most, my painting shed heater has packed up! It is a race against time in getting the heater working again before the panels go rusty!

This scuttle top was the worst.

( Again, apologies for non Bristol content.)

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