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Originally Posted by hesketh786 View Post

Are you referring to the actual ally panels micro blistering or the paint work in this humidity ?


If it fits i would really be very interested in dropping one into the 405 !

I love power haha ! I wouldn't mind a Bristol Sleeper !

Indeed setup with Zenith or Weber Carbs it should be just right !
I am talking about the paint. Right now I am in the process of sanding down the steel bonnet of my TC project car and treating any rust (that had been painted over by the p/o) with phosphoric acid. Although not too cold, I am getting @70% humidity. The only answer I have come up with is to heat the panel and surrounding area with a hair dryer and then paint with epoxy primer.

This may all sound a bit desperate but I have done it before with good results. If I may say so myself, my GT6 was a better paint job than from new.

(Having said that, British Leyland cars were never that well finished!)
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