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We are both right.

The BRISTOL CARS mark is part of the BRISTOL/BRISTOL CARS trade mark registration, registered as a series mark under no 2424875 to Kamkorp Autokraft Limited. The registration covers both the word BRISTOL and the words BRISTOL CARS. This was one of the registrations I referred to in my post as having been attacked by Bristol Fighter Limited, and successfully defended by Kamkorp Autokraft, and it therefore remains registered in the name of Kamkorp Autokraft. It is one of the marks referred to in the Wyles Hardy press release (albeit with a slightly erroneous registration number) as being one of the assets of Kamkorp Autokraft, the company whose share capital is being offered for sale.

The mark "Bristol Cars" (ie without the word "Bristol" on its own) is registered to Bristol Fighter Limited, under registration no. 3467857 as of 9 August 2020. The words are in lower case but this is irrelevant for trade mark purposes. The application presumably slipped through to registration during the hiatus after the liquidation of Bristol Cars Limited on 22 January 2020.

There are therefore 2 concurrent trade mark registrations for the words BRISTOL CARS, one in the name of Kamkorp Autokraft Ltd and the other in the name of Bristol Fighter Ltd.

Incidentally, Kamkorp Autokraft Limited is not itself in liquidation, but its parent company, Kamkorp Limited, is.

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