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The XK will fit but not easy and not the best option, Triumph 2000/2500 not a bad conversion also Rover V8 but the one that has always struck me as a nice option was the Daimler V8 250 especially if mated to a manual box.
For the ultimate 401 it would have to be the BMW V8 of the same period going to the capacity and power that AFN wanted but these engines are expensive now.
I find it rather ironic that cars like the 403 and the 401 that sold earlier this year for similar money sell easily yet I had no interest in a running useable 401 I offered for sale all summer in the mid 20k's and only one view and a very poor offer on a car which has had a lot more done to it and for which I would take 32k for, you would never get either of the auction cars to similar condition for the difference, funny old world.
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