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Originally Posted by Geoff Kingston View Post
We put a facet pump in the boot of my 411 ...
Which Facet pump did you use Geoff? (there are several available for cars with carburettors)

I've been using Carter fuel pumps - I say plural because the first one died after very little use - maybe that was part of the problem. I gather they don't like infrequent use and they are cooled by the fuel itself.

One good thing about the Carter pumps is that they are relatively quiet - you certainly can't hear my boot mounted pump when the engine is running. They also come with rubber isolating mounts.

I have an Edelbrock carb on my 411 and use a fuel pressure regulator set at 5.5 psi.

My pump is connected to the original fuel uptake pipe, but with hindsight I would look at mounting the pump underneath the car to guarantee an instant gravity feed of fuel.
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