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Default 85c head and OD mods?

Stefan Cembrowicz wrote:
Good mods- the 85c with Solex carbs is a better bet than the original For breathing.But check both heads carefully to see which has the most meat left on it and which is in the best condition. Some of the very early heads were porous and the factory had to replace a number of them at the time. My 110 cylinder head has been pressure treated with resin to seal any any incipient fissures.
There are sports cams around, but consider one of the new “high torque” camshafts, which adds to midrange grunt which is where our lovely long stroke engines are lacking. Will help with your OD too.
OD is an excellent mod- protects our Bristol engines at their
Natural cruising speed of 80 mph on today’s motorways. 3750rpm (2500 piston ft/ min) was IIRC the recommended max revs for continuous running back in the day , so motorway speeds (and we had no Mroads back in 1950s) are rather too close to that.
Good luck!

Stefan Cembrowicz
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