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Hi, without going into the politics and differences, in the UK there are two clubs with slightly different aims and objectives but both are avid supporters of the cars. Basically, I feel they are perhaps in an unwritten competition, although they would probably disagree,

I am a member of both clubs. They each have their own websites and thus forums on each. This forum had, I think, at one time a moderator of one of the clubs but not perhaps in an official capacity and may well still be involved.

Australia, basically being the other side of the World, they have their own club for enthusiasts. Other makes of cars in the UK sometimes have two clubs for each.

I have had Bristol Cars 401 to 405 and back to 401 since 1968 but sadly, now my wife and I have moved to Spain. I will reluctantly sell my 401 and a host of spares and because of the weather will buy a convertible something from about the 1960's.

Sad but things move on. I hope the above clears up some points for you?

Bob W
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