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Andrew, What's been done on the car you are considering could make quite a difference and level the playing field a bit, the 318 can be modified to improve out put or rebuilt/converted to produce a lot more power and increase capacity, if memory serves me right this is called a stroker or stoker conversion, something I would consider if the unit in my 603 ever needs extensive work.
The engine in the first three series of 411 is not noticeably any thirstier than the 410 but a few friends who had a series 4 and 5 said they were a lot heavier on fuel driven hard.
I changed the carb on my 411 to an edlebrock performer with a manual choke, for the size of engine I found it good on fuel and with the manual choke much easier to start when cold with the old carter with electric choke.
There are no workshop manuals available for these cars but quite a few good American tech books on both the engines and gearboxes.
Now with the demise of Bristol Cars you will find firms like US Automotive, Ultimate Spares of America or Real Steel can supply most of your needs for engine gearbox power steering pumps etc but I also buy stuff direct from the states as it often works out cheaper even after delivery and duty.
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