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Having owned both a 410 and 411/3 the most noticeable difference in the way that they drive is that the 411 has far more power and is more planted on the road due to the wider wheels and tyres, having said that the 410 was a very satisfying car both for fun and general use. Both are quite capable of being an only car.
I found that both were better on Koni rather than Spax shock absorbers but my current 603 has koni on the front spax on the back and that works well.
If you can live with the looks the 603, Britannia and Brigand are also worth considering, very good cars and often available in the price range you are considering. My 603 is only an E with the 5.2 engine but it has a quicker response and more urge on kick down than a 410, though obviously not as much as a 411.
As Stefan said the most important thing is structural condition and the edges of the body work, often above the front wing bays . Inspect the inner rear wheel arches at the back, the shock absorber and seat belt mounts and the bump stop mounting. We repaired this on both my cars and it had already been done on my 603 before I bought it. I would personally not pass up a car needing work in this area as if you know a good welder repairs are no where near as difficult or expensive as some people make out.
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