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briwmw 26-06-10 12:09 AM

Arnolt Bristol List
I made a list from my files of Arnolt Bristol owners and former owners by serial number. I'm interested in getting any up to date information that members might have. Anyone know how I can post it for review by interested parties without opening my own URL? Bill Watkins

tjames 26-06-10 05:13 AM

Arnolt Bristol List
Hello Bill,

I own Arnolt Bristol Deluxe 3023 and am interested in your list.

For a simple way to make it available to others, open a Dropbox account (free) at

Note under the free download it is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and mobile. Among other things it provides a public folder that lets you attach an internet link to a file which than can the be sent to anyone so they can access the file.

For example, here is a link to a file in my Dropbox public folder:

Here also are the Dropbox instructions on how to use a public folder:

The Public Folder lets you easily share single files in your Dropbox. Any file you put in this folder gets its own Internet link so that you can share it with others-- even non-Dropbox users! These links work even if your computerís turned off.

Step 1: Drop a file into the Public folder.

Step 2: Right-click/control-click this file, then choose Dropbox > Copy Public Link. This copies the Internet link to your file so that you can paste it somewhere else.

That's it! You can now share this file with others: just paste the link into e-mails, instant message conversations, blogs, etc.!

If you'd like more help with sharing files, head here: Dropbox - How do I link to files in my Dropbox? -

Happy Dropboxing!
- The Dropbox Team

Tom Gillespie

briwmw 26-06-10 05:53 AM

Arnolt Bristol List
Thanks Tom:
I'll look into that. I didn't have 3023 on my list. Can you tell me the state or country that you live in and the former owners? I'll add all that to the list. Send them to: Bill

BBorden 26-06-10 08:37 PM

Arnolt Bristol List
Hi Bill,

I just discovered and joined this site. Glad to see you are on it and are compiling a list of owners. I still have 3094 and it hasn't changed much. I focused on the alloy 120 when I retired and it's back on the road now so am starting to get some of my A.B. bits orgainzed. I expect to be looking for some words of wisdon here in the future.

Best Regards,
Bill Borden

briwmw 26-06-10 11:01 PM

Arnolt Bristol List
Nice to hear from you Bill. I had a call from a former Arnolt Bristol owner today who said that he still has parts. Shoot me an email (see below) and I'll put you in touch. He also told me that Tom Mittler died; it was on 13 June.

If you feel like driving over to Elkhart Lake on 10-12 Sept., there is a 60th anniversary celebration of the races there and I will be judging the race car concours. Bill

John Simmons 26-06-10 11:18 PM

Arnolt Bristol List
Hello Bill, (and greetings to Bill Borden)

It's been a long time. I just found and joined this site recently myself. I lost touch with everyone after Lee Raskin was no longer keeping the registry. I guess we all did. Been corresponding with Geoff Dowdle. He has provided me with lots of pictures of Arnolts and is a former owner of Dennis Schue's 3138 and also a member of this forum.

I just retired and have started working on collecting information for an archival history of each car. That is, pictures and written history. I'm sure that's going to be a long time project.

I still own 3071 and haven't had a chance to restore it but it's in relatively good condition, still with the Chevrolet engine (I'm planning to do something about that).

And Tom, would love to have more pictures of 3023, including details of the TR engine installation. I have only one picture of the car from Geoff.

I would be pleased to correspond with all of you off-forum also.

John Simmons

briwmw 27-06-10 12:09 AM

Arnolt Bristol List
Hi John:
I got a lot of the information on my list from your old newsletters and from Lee Raskin and Shawn Thomas. My list includes the names of former owners that I dug out of all those old files. I updated some, including the four cars that I owned, from personal knowledge. It seems that many of my friends are , or have been, AB owners. I'll add Dennis Schue to 3138. Right now I have Tom Trottman & Tom Pollard in addition to Geoff Dowdie. Thanks, Bill Watkins

briwmw 11-07-10 04:42 PM

Arnolt Bristol List
List updated to 11 July, 2010. Please send any additions or corrections to me at: Thanks, Bill Watkins

3001 Ed Howell, KY
3002 Steven Hawkins-AUS Tom Trotman
3003 Road tested by Griff Borgeson
3005 Walter Willits-KS or OK Marvin Johnson, Chuck Weber
3006 ? Jerry Anna, Bill Watkins, Dr. Schooley
3008 Wayne Hanson- CA Bill Watkins; Bob Keen, James Oliver, Don Hulette , Scott Baxter
3009 Eric Brumenil- Belgium Brook Zern, Mike DiCola,
3010 Dick Morris- WA, Randy Brealey, John Zuehlke
3011 Sold at auction in '99 William Lassiter, Hugh Heffner(?)
3012 Heinrich Yachter George DiCola, Howard Morrison
3013 Will Kauffman- CA Dan Hinderlich
3014 Will Tomkin- UK Dave Cammarano: Bill Watkins:
Bill Dobson, Robt. Blosser; Pardo,
3015 Harold Allen- CA Heinz Gommert
3016 Jim McQuay- OR
3018 Hunter Rogers- UK
3019 Charles Schoendorf Kevin Fitzgerald, Al Morris, Ed Rahal
3020 Peter McGough- Robert Moran, A.E. Thomassen
3021 Ted Pyrek
3022 Chuck Swimmer-CA James Rogers
3023 Tom Gillespie-IL Mark Smith, Derek Durst, Rick Girvin,
Charles Reay (or Riley)
3024 Martin Godbey-FL Tom Shaughnessy
3025 Al Schorken- TX
3027 Peter Alexander Stewart Swihart, John Harlow
3028 Will Kauffman- CA Dan Hinderlich
3029 Scott Stewart-NY Tom Trotman, Dave Dubrul, Amos Roleau, Don Osgood, Ernie Lackad, Al Chamberlain, Fred Grover, Carpenter & Mayforth, Harry Mason

3030 Mike Robinson-UK
3032 Tom Trotman- MA
3033 Ray Erickson- NY
3034 Stan Vaccine- USA Jack Mayes
3036 Al Guggisberg-Switz. K. Reeve
3038 Dr. Christian Polot- France Mr.Pau-Cavallier,
3039 Peter & Wendy Moes- NY
3040 Sven Neil- Jeremy Langley, Tom Borrow:
3041 Brian Flegg-NZ Ivan Glasby- AUS , Peter Boyd
3042 Toby Silverton-UK Michael Parr; Joe Dickerson;
Louis Padula, Albert Rapoport,
3043 Jack Vetter- KS
3045 Bo Hickory- AZ
3046 ? Tom Mittler
3048 Clark Thompson Dr. Charles Gaylord
3050 Walter Scott-VT Kevin Fitzgerald, Al Morris
3051 Bill Dredge- Peter Elliot
3052 Dr.Gerald Banasba- IN Peter Massardo, Don Mulvey
3055 David Hans- IL Cliff Kabumoto
3056 ? Dr. Philip Dunlap
3057 Tom Mittler- MI
3058 Dr. Ted Bernstein, OH Arthur Lancett
3059 Joel Hertzsen- NY Dr. Alan Mollin
3061 Dave Knaack- WI
3062 Ken Bayless-UK Kevin Fitzgerald; Charles Borie, Alan
Bates; Eugene Rickman
3063 Geoff Liegh Harold Allen, James Jaquet, George
3064 Dan Lancaster-TX
3065 Jim Dahl-CA
3066 John Schieffelin- MA Bob Schumaker, Mrs. Arnold
3067 Ray Erickson- NY
3069 Renaat Declerck- Belgium Eric Brumenil-, Marc Atkinson,
Michael Parr, Bill Watkins,
Joe Bortz, ; Henry Grossman
3070 Peter & Wendy Moes- NY Dennis Day
3071 John Simmons-NC Rick Siegel
3072 (1) Doug Blain-UK Tom Trotman, George Carr
3073 Charles Hurt-CA
3074 William McFarling- CAN.
3075 George Adamaek-IL
3076 ? Abba Kogan, Christopher
Gardener, Charles Borie, Mike
3077 Michael Arnolt-IN
3078 Ron Bennent, CA Charles Padelford; Paul Berry
3079 Gen. Curtis LeMay
3080 ? Charles Breazeale
3085 Andrew Sleutjes-CA Jim McQuay
3082 Edgar Parser-Belgium
3084 Najeer Kahn-IN
3086 Keneth Andren- Sweden John Schieffelin, Paul Brady
3089 Bill Brewer-VA
3090 Wes Clark-? Gary Krull
3092 Charles Ebert-MN Margaux Mirkin
3093 Wesley Bergen-NY
3094 Bill Borden-MI Garrett Vermeulen, David Ellis
3095 Ken Swanstrom-PA David Walmsley,Paul Forbes Tom Shanley
3097 ? Anithalee Alex,
3100 (2) Tom Trotman-MA Will Kauffman, Keith Gerard,
3101 Robert Pass Tom Mittler, Tom Trotman/Mike Dicola, Will Kauffman
3102 Terry Larson Hans Mathon, Brett Austin
3104 Michael Arnolt-IN
3105 John Reeder-UK Jack Zallinger, Hugh Heffner(?)
3106 Douglas Blain-UK Steven Willis; Emmet Kelley
3108 Gene Ponder Doug Buchanan
3109 AK Shair-Lebanon
3110 Ernie Pagnozzi
3111 Jack Lawton-Webb-MO
3112 Rip Martin-NV Tom Trotman, Margoux Mirkin
3115 John Ingleheart-CT
3116 ? Griff Borgeson
3118 George Ortiz-Patino-CH
3119 Dave Knaak-WI Dick Braund
3120 Cpe Bill Pope-CA Ron Bennett; Blackhawk Collection,
Walker Edmiston, Lee Marvin
3121 Cpe Margaux Mirkin-CA John Vanentine
3123 Cpe Wayne Carini-CT Kevin Fitzgerald, Tom Mittler,Charles
Mallory-NY Bruce Earlin, Max Rubin,
Al Morris, Kasper
3128 Mark Schnurstein-IA
3131 Robert Leyba-Germany Robert Schifrin-FL
3132 Dr. Scott Stewart-NY Dave Dubrul, Dr. Michael Russel
3134 George Christodoulou Lee Raskin, George Towner
3133 ? Tom Trotman
3136 Dave Martin-UK Bruce Erlin, Tom Van Meter
3137 Cpe Kenneth Andren- Sweden
3138 Geoff Dowdle-AUS John Bacon,Tom Trotman, Tom Pollard, Dennis Schue.
3140 Hugh Shaeffer-MO Philip Davis
3141 Ted Jankowsky-IL

(?) I find 2 cars that were claimed to be Hugh Heffner's
Which cars belonged to Hoppe/Yarder & Rudy Cleye?
(1) For sale at Classic Cars
(2) For sale at Fantasy Junction

penman 14-07-10 09:00 AM

3097 is up for sale.

H&H - Lot No: 55 1955 Arnolt Bristol Deluxe

UK6 22-07-10 10:57 PM

Arnolt Bristol List
Hi Bill,
Re Heff's Arnolts- were they the ones with the bear skin floor mats
and the all leather interior??



john smith 22-07-10 11:05 PM

Arnolt Bristol List
You probably have this already, however, just in case you or other
interested persons have not already seen it.
Charles Oxley's book (1988) titled "BRISTOL the quiet survivor", Chapter Ten
- The Arnolt-Bristol, at the end of this chapter is the 'Membership 1988 -
Arnolt-Bristol Registry'

briwmw 22-07-10 11:05 PM

Arnolt Bristol List
Hi John:
I got a lot of the information on my list from your old newsletters and from Lee Raskin and Shawn Thomas. My list includes the names of former owners that I dug out of all those old files. I updated some, including the four cars that I owned, from personal knowledge. It seems that many of my friends are , or have been, AB owners. I'll add Dennis Schue to 3138. Right now I have Tom Trottman & Tom Pollard in addition to Geoff Dowdie. Thanks, Bill Watkins

Sean 23-07-10 12:47 PM

Hi All.
My name is Sean, from Australia.
I'm a welder/fabricator. One of my jobs at the moment is "restoring" a Bristol Arnolt.
This car is in very very bad shape. (personally, if someone had of GIVEN me this car, I would have knocked it back)
However, the present owner is adamant he wants the car fixed. My problem is I don't have all the car to work with.
I was wondering how much documenting has been done with other peoples rebuilds. (photos) I'm sure with enough pix and some measurements, I'd be able to create the pieces.
I don't have the numbers on hand, back working on it next week so ill write them down.
Any help would be great.


kfitzgerald 23-07-10 03:46 PM

arnolt parts
Most parts are available. I have a number of parts and can probably direct you to other sources. kevin

Sean 23-07-10 04:07 PM

This thing is so bad that I don't even know what parts are missing.
I would really like lots of detailed photos of the shell of the car. Inside engine bay, and inside the cocpit.


kfitzgerald 23-07-10 07:05 PM

Arnolt Bristol List
There are good pictures on the internet. It does matter if it is a
Deluxe or a Bolide. The deluxe has a door button on the outside, the
bolide has no external features except relating to the fixing of a
convertible top and side screens. The bolide dash has all the gauges in
a row, the deluxe has an instrument cluster. You can find suitable
photos also on this site of several bolides. Kevin

Sean 24-07-10 12:08 PM

Thanks Kevin.
It's a Deluxe.
There is no front pannel, the front gaurds are hanging from the door pillars.
The nose has been cut off aswell. I have the nose pannel, but don't have the radiator mount, and I don't know what it looks like.


kfitzgerald 24-07-10 06:50 PM

Arnolt Bristol List
I have fenders, a left door, rocker panels and bumpers. There are
excellent photos of a deluxe on the web. I believe that you should find
even the radiator mounts shown. The car to look for recently sold for
165,000 and is referred to that way in several listings. It has a Nardi
steering wheel which was sold by Arnolt but not standard. Other than
that it is probably the best deluxe out there. Another good one can be
found through RM's auction of the Gene Ponder collection several years
ago refer to their website. The red/black interior was Gene Ponder's
personal touch as well as the chrome lip around the hood scoop. You can
reach me directly at if you need other questions

lgoeman 10-09-10 08:37 AM


I'm looking for the hubcaps for my arnolt bristol and if possible the borrani wheels.

I hope that someone can help me.

Yours sincerely,

Lieven Goeman

Geoff Dowdle 10-09-10 09:19 PM

New hubcaps of 2 litre cars are available on Ebay UK . They are very good
quality at a reasonable price , same as Arnolt but the centres must be
modified to fit the Arnolt badge . The badges are very difficult to source .

Could you please advise chassis & engine number of your Arnolt?

There were very few sets of Borrani wheels made for Arnolts , possibly only
about 8 - 10 sets .
Good luck in your search for those and have lots of funds ready .

Geoff Dowdle ex owner of 3138

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