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Gearbox issue

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Old 18-03-23, 05:02 PM
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Default Gearbox issue

Hello everyone,

As my engine is running fine now and my steering is not binding anymore, I ran into gearbox issues.
It is hard to take out 3rd and especially 4th. The gears go in okay, but not as smooth as 1st and 2nd.

The behavior is always less than smooth, but the amount of binding force is varying. I can not see a
pattern/rule in that variation.

From the inside the gearbox looks overhauled. All synchros and the gears look almost new. There are
no signs of wear.

I have a complete workshop manual, but the information for desired clearances and dimension
inside the transmission is limited. in addition it would be nice, to have part numbers oder dimensions
for spare parts to narrow down my problem.

Is there anybody out here, who can help me? I can supply pictures and videos of the box if needed.


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Old 18-03-23, 05:06 PM
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Sorry double post, please delete one ....
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Old 22-03-23, 03:54 AM
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It is difficult to comment on gearbox problems , especially when one does not know which car it is fitted to and the gearbox Type number (stamped on the RH side of the gearbox case)
Is the gearbox in its original form or has it had a remote shift fitted.

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