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Cargirl 17-08-15 12:03 PM

Article on AB's
This article is in the Indianapolis Star.

Quest to recover Arnolt-Bristol roadster spans 50 years

Kevin H 17-08-15 12:36 PM

There's a pay wall!

I'd love to read the article but I'm not subscribing to the Indianapolis Star to do so :-)

How about you copy it and post it on here...

Cargirl 17-08-15 12:41 PM


Originally Posted by Kevin H (Post 8008)
There's a pay wall!

I'd love to read the article but I'm not subscribing to the Indianapolis Star to do so :-)

How about you copy it and post it on here...

I'm certainly not advocating where these cars are going in price. But that is a whole other conversation for another time.

You don't have to pay or subscribe. Just ignore that first pop-up and continue on to the article.

briwmw 17-08-15 03:40 PM

Indy Star article.
I hope this article doesn't leave the impression with anybody that the present owner is the bad guy. He's another victim.

tdoran 20-11-15 07:05 PM

AB 404x3038
Anyone with questions about the story on my dad's car can feel free to contact me anytime. Sadly Brooke Doran passed in August but I intend to keep my promise to do everything in my power to return the car to our family. Our story is true, we have the title and documentation. The lack of support for our cause is sickening. I know there has to be some good people left in the car world.

Kevin H 01-12-15 02:08 AM

Interesting story, but I can't understand why you are sickened by the lack of support.

I'm not surprised that you are not getting support from other classic car enthusiasts, because most would conclude that the current owner should not be penalised for a mistake your father made 50+ years ago.

tdoran 01-12-15 05:26 PM

If only it was that simple, there's way more to this story.

tdoran 07-04-16 09:12 PM

A victim of his own decisions Bill. I just found a huge piece of the puzzle.

tdoran 15-04-16 12:23 AM

I think the problem we have in this matter isn't legal loopholes or my dad making a mistake or even the bad people who got in the way of repossession on dad's car, it's everyone's distrust in me. In the crooked world we now live in its know it's hard for people to believe that I would do this without ulterior motives. I want everyone to understand, when this car comes home its coming home to stay. It will not be on the auction block looking for a cash in. The facts stated in the Indy Star article are true. We have the title and documentation to prove it. Any one is free to contact me for any questions. I have nothing to hide.

tdoran 15-07-16 01:01 PM

Ok history buffs, is 404x3038 a 57 58 or 1961 like our title says? Look foreword to answers! Seems to be some discrepancy!

Cargirl 29-10-17 11:00 PM

Indy Star follow-up

tdoran 21-12-17 12:48 PM

It has been said that my Dad "made a bad deal" and maybe so. The deal he made with Carl Lucas was similar to the deal Wacky Arnolt made with Dad on his first car 404x3086 . The difference is my Dad was an honest man that honored his end. There's a letter form Waccky to Dad that explains. I'd be happy to email a screen shot of that letter to anyone interested. As far as the current situation, there's much more to this if like to share and will when the time is right. There's a misconception in our story that Dad didn't do enough or gave up. He didn't have the best lawyer in the world to help him but it doesn't mean he didnt try. Our local sheriff even went to Chinetti motors on his own time trying to locate/ recover the car. The documentation of that effort will be available soon. Thanks Kelly for posting the update to our story.

Geoff Kingston 22-12-17 12:44 AM

"Legal experts told IndyStar that Doranís claim on the car is weak", this is exactly what I said on previous comments on this subject, many year ago we were caught up in a very similar situation with a car my family sold, it was a lost cause.
In the intervening years if it is still around it has not appreciated in value to anything near the value of an Arnolt Bristol, I still have some documents for it including an old log book where the family member who sold it is listed as the current owner. If the car still exists I would be happy to pass these on to the current owner. The car was not stolen it was sold to someone who could not afford to pay for it and unless the laws in the US differ from a lot of other countries in the world it is very unlikely you have any legitimate claim on this car at all, the remedies for that situation being totally different and in a lot of cases time critical.
If you win your court case good luck if you don't I hope you will have the good grace to update us all on the outcome and bring a close to this subject.

tdoran 30-12-17 11:30 AM

I'd highly recommend checking out Jeff Murray's . His monthly newsletter is free and very informative. I'm having trouble posting the link but I'm sure everyone seeing this can Google. Jan. 18 newsletter makes mention of the fox news story on a Mustang stolen 30+yrs ago that is gaining attention now. You can see this story and more details on our story @losttimberranch on Twitter.

tdoran 20-05-18 11:48 AM

We have recently noticed an ad on Hemmings depicting my Dad's stolen 1961 AB 404x3038 as '55 model year. Since I located the car in Connecticut 4 years ago we have learned that it was shipped here from France as a 57. Everyone here I'm sure is aware of the lawsuit filed against me for our attempt to retrieve the car. In court documents the car is referred to as a '58. The benefit for us in this lawsuit has been the access to documentation and the 58 Ct title. So just to review, the car has been a '57, '58, and now a 55. We recently recieved Arnolt Corp documents that show the real history. Arrival date of July '54 sold to Brooke Doran and titled in Aug 61. To those that say our claim is weak my question is why all the smoke and mirrors??

tdoran 14-09-18 07:19 PM

As requested here is an update to our story . 1961 Arnolt Bristol 404x3038 has come under new ownership with our blessing and original title. This is not the outcome we had obviously hoped for but I can say that our attempt to retrieve the car is over. We didn't get here because it's all ok we're here because the system has failed. It's not a total loss for us, the new owner is a good guy, the history of the car is now corrected and the car will not end up on the black market floating around with incorrect documents. I'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Mike DiCola, Michael Arnolt, Stan Arnolt, Lee Raskin, John Simmons, Kenneth Andren and Kelly Detrick for all the help in researching this car an providing moral support through this process.

Cargirl 14-09-18 08:16 PM

Hmmm. Very curious post.

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