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Xseries 05-03-20 02:29 PM

Demise of Bristol ?
A sad article in Autocar talking about the end of an era....

"The liquidation of Bristol adds a final straw to a modern saga of false starts, uncertainty and failure that dogged the former maker of 'gentlemen’s grand tourers' since Crook’s heyday of the 1950s to 1990s"

Barrie 05-03-20 03:11 PM

The above link may not work so try this one.

Michael Oram 06-03-20 12:58 PM

A better article.

AurelienH 13-03-20 09:06 PM

Sad news
Very sad news. The end of beautiful industrial history.

Do you know if the Bristol Owners Club buys back parts and documents?

Or if there will be an auction?


GeorgeG 20-03-20 12:13 AM

BOC, BODA and BOHT will, so I understand, try to buy the spares, drawings and other documents from the liquidators but it is likely to be a drawn out process.


Anne 28-04-20 10:02 PM

Talking to Graeme Payne, he seems to think that things will work themselves out somehow. There is a large spares inventory that would be lost otherwise.

AurelienH 29-04-20 06:41 AM

I sent him a message yesterday .... I hope to find some information
I just bought a 406 almost completely disassembled.
The engine looks like a puzzle and I will need many parts and documents !

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